My Archtop

My archtop is a custom McKerrihan built for me around 1999 - 2000

It is an absolutely fantastic guitar. Spruce top with maple back and sides The pickup is a Seymour Duncan PAF humbucker. Big thanks to Josh Rieck

for once again doing a fantastic fret job replacing the 20 year old frets with big jumbos. A fair amount of fretboard restoration was needed as well Bravo Josh !!

After a little WD-40 on a couple of sticky tuners I put some strings on and it sounds great !!!

1973 Hernandis Grade 1A

My latest find - A 1973 Hernandis Grade 1A.

These are very interesting guitars. Solid cedar top and solid Indian rosewood back and sides. From what I understand some of the construction was done in Spain and final assembly was done in Japan

This one was in pretty rough shape when I found it. I took some photos of the 3+ hour restoration project in my basement.

The guitar really sounds great but with a 26"

scale it's a workout !! 

This old Guild was a little rough around the edges but was in overall pretty good shape when I found it in 2016. Some work was in order though, so off I went to see  luthier Josh Rieck in Sioux Falls SD. Josh replaced the old and worn frets with some big jumbos and also crafted a new bone nut and saddle to accommodate the much larger frets.  What an amazing job and the set-up is impeccable. This guitar now plays like a dream !!!!

Thank you Josh !!!!!!!

I have also installed a set of Tone Ninja rosewood tuner buttons for the original Grover tuners. The weight reduction on the headstock is well worth the price and besides that they look fantastic.

Currently the pick up I'm using is my trusty 

Fishman Rare Earth Blender

Time and patience required. I taped off the fretboard and lightly used extra fine steel wool on the frets. Then cleaned and oiled the fretboard. Then about an hour of cleaning and polishing starting with General Finishes furniture cleaner to remove wax and tape goo.

1990 Guild D-25NT

A nice find but a little rough. Major wax buildup and gooey stuff. Ancient strings but it sounds pretty good.

The Tele

MIM Fender Nashville Telecaster

Well at least that's how it started. It now has Sperzel locking tuners. The bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan little '59. The neck pickup is a Seymour Duncan vintage noiseless. I also but a vintage style bakelite pickgaurd on it.