The Chris Champion/ Dave Baradic Project, 1991 

This album is now available for download

Rockin' out original fusion my friends !!!

ChrisMcTim - 2001

This album is now available for download

A really nice recording of 7 of my original tunes

as well as one tune by my great friend Tim Downs.

This album was recorded with my trusty

McKerrihan archtop for the most part

and has a more acoustic vibe.


Warren Jones - I IMAGINE SO 2010

All compositions by Warren Jones featuring

a number of Phoenix based  jazzers

I am featured on tracks 2,5 and 10

Bridges Band  - BRIDGES 2007

This recording Features both the

Quartet version of the band

and the piano trio version

I am on tracks 1,2,3,4,5 and 7

I am also the composer of tracks 2,4 and 5

Chris Champion & John Stowell -  OFFICE HOURS   2004

An intimate duet recording with

the great jazz guitarist John Stowell

Here is the- Review

Chuck Marohnic  -  LISTEN 2002.

Jeff Morrison   - RIGHTS OF SECLUSION, 1999.

Blessed Sacrament - LET IT SHINE, 1998.


Jay Busch - LIVE AT BEELOE'S, 1997.

Stephen Brown - SQUELCH, 1996.

Malaby/Champion Band    ALL TANGLED UP, 1994.

Alice Tatum -  ALICE TATUM, 1991.