TC Electronics - Flashback Delay

TC Electronics - Hall of Fame Reverb

Boss - ME-50

The Jazz Guitar

My archtop is a McKerrihan built for me around 1999 - 2000

It is an absolutely fantastic guitar. Spruce top with maple back and sides The pickup is a Seymour Duncan PAF humbucker. 


Fishman Loudbox Artist


The Tele

MIM Fender Nashville Telecaster


Well at least that's how it started. It now has Sperzel locking tuners. The bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan little '59. I'm still hunting for the perfect neck pickup. I also but a vintage style bakelite pickgaurd on it.

The Aria

Student model classical from the 80's. I Got this from the great folks at Sunset Strip Pawn

in Sioux Falls. Great for around the house

and I have done a fair amount of gigs with it as well. I replaced the tuners with Grovers and also replaced the plastic nut and saddle with bone. I have installed

an active LR Baggs I-Beam classical pickup

The Martin

My main guitar is a Martin 000-15 Retro

Great guitar !!!

I have installed a bone saddle as well as bone bridge pins from Bob Colosi. Serious improvement on many levels. The guitar came with a Fishman F1 Aura plus pickup which is a great sounding pickup. My only issue with the Aura is that it hardly picks up any body noise so my percussive playing is rendered almost useless. To remedy the situation I have also installed  my old faithful Fishman Rare Earth Blend pickup so I can use the mic sound in conjunction with the Aura